Stride Box is another subscription box. The cost is $15 a month. For my first month, I got ordered a little late and was not guaranteed the full box. For $5 they put you on the wait list. If there are extra boxes you get the full months box for just $5. If they are out of boxes they send you a mini box. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to get the full box. The mini box was pretty good and worth $5. Everything shown in the photo plus a Nuun Tablet was in the box. I had been wanting to try Nuun so I was thrilled there was one in the box. It was good and I do prefer it over sports drinks. I'll be ordering some soon. 
I'll be trying the Picky bar soon! I know, these reviews are not that helpful since I haven't tried everything, but there is a lot of stuff in all these boxes! 
There were also the two stickers, a coupon for Barnana's bars and a coupon for Energy Bits. I think the full box had samples of both the Energy Bits and Barnana's. My first full box should be coming soon and I am looking forward to another review! 



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