Today I realized that I have neglected to review or show off all the fun things I have been ordering with my gift card!! I'll start off with one of the first things I ordered, The RunnerBox. RunnerBox has a few different options. They have a bi-monthly sbuscription for $20 a box, monthly for $10 a box, a Tri box at $20 bi-monthly or a one time box. I went with the one time box for $20 plus shipping. Shipping bumped it up to almost $26.  
As you can see the RunnerBox comes packed nicely. It comes packed in a separate box however, which is not needed.
Included were
Simbi hairband/bracelet
Two pouches Cytomax powder Sports Performance Drink (Cool Citrus and Pomegranate Berry)
Clif Shot Blocks
Lemon Honey Stinger Waffle
Mint Chocolate Gu
Honey Stinger Pomegranate Passion chews
#9 Chocolate Agave energy gel
Extreme Sports Beans
Be Active Herb Tea
The Athletic Wipe by Shower Pill
Endurox R4 recovery drink (Tangy Orange)
Bonk Bar

As you can see, a lot of stuff. I have not had a chance to try most of it. 

The first things you really see is the gloves. The are way too big for me, pretty sure they are men's gloves, and scratchy. Honestly, I don't even know where they are right now. The yellow hairband by Simbi I love and am wearing right now. From their website Each hair-bracelet sold keeps Haitians employed and helps raise money to install water filtration systems throughout the country, saving lives."
I just really like it.

I am a huge fan of Honey Stinger Waffles, they are my race fuel of choice. I did not enjoy the lemon at all. It tasted like lemon furniture polish. I'll stick to the orginal from now on.

The Bonk Breaker was interesting. Mine was Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. It reminded me of a Power Bar, but not as dense. It is gluten and dairy free so it is a good option those with dietary needs. It is not something I will probably try again. 

Unfortunately, that is all I tried out of the box so far. I have been saving the Extreme Sports Beans for my next race. I have been out of training long distance with my knee so I have been saving a lot of the stuff for when I get back to longer distances. I wont be subscribing to The RunnerBox, however. While there is a great deal of stuff in it to try and it is a good deal, I already know what works for me. I am not a fan of the gels and chews. A box full of them every month or every other month would go unused. 

The rest of the RunnerBox contents. 



04/19/2013 8:21am

This is neat. I've never done one of these comments boxes before. Stay safe out there.

05/29/2013 9:29am



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