First of all, I had no intention of reviewing these. Someone in my online running group posted about a free sample that was available and I ordered them. I received an email today saying they were on their way and when I checked the mall this afternoon there they were! The email said they were great warmed up in the microwave so I popped the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in for 30 seconds. That may have been a bit to long. The bar kind of expanded and I had to use a fork to get it off the plate. But it was so good! It was like a piece of cake. It was the perfect afternoon treat. The one I ate today has 21 grams of protein and 190 calories. Usually these kinds of things don't keep me full. This bar kept me felling satisfied all afternoon. I am ordering more of them now. I start back to school next week and these will be perfect for me to eat in-between my morning class and afternoon class when I don't have time to come home to eat but need a meal on the go. They will be a much better option than the fast food offered on campus. Go ahead and check out their website and Facebook page.  
*These bars were part of a public free sample offer. They were not provided for the purpose of this review. 



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