Friday was hard. Really hard. Like, I almost cried hard. Okay, that's not fair to say. The workout itself was not that hard. It was the accumulation of the week's workouts. Saturday I was just too sore and tired to do anything. :( So instead of one rest day this weekend I had two. Honestly, I needed it. I am loving Insanity and want to follow it as much as I can but I also need to listen to my body. I wasn't before and that is how I ended up inuring my knee. 
Today was another day I didn't want to workout. But today was not soreness, just laziness. So I got myself up and made myself do today's workout. I did take a few long breaks but I didn't quit. 
As far as progress, I have not taken measurements yet, I will next week, but my weight was down 0.4 pounds from last Monday. I can see some changes already and I am getting more flexible everyday. 
I do think I need to make a note of which DVDs have a lot of jumping so I can tape my knee for those, at least for a few more weeks. It still feels just a little weak. 
And tonight I decided not to wear shoes. I only have running shoes and things just didn't feel right. Barefoot was surprisingly comfortable! I may have to try minimalist shoes. 


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