Yesterday was Cardio Power and Resistance and today was Cardio Recovery. When I woke up yesterday I was sore all over so I know this program is doing something for me. I really did not want to do anything but I forced myself and of course I am glad I did. I really like Cardio Power and Resistance. Lots of running in place, high knees, log jumps, power jumps and of course some resistance with things like push-ups and tricep dips. The good news is I didn't feel like I was dying. My knee was a little sore from Monday and Tuesday's workouts so I used KT Tape on it for a little extra support. It felt great an and I had very little soreness today. Today's Insanity workout was Cardio Recovery and was a nice easy workout. At least compared to the other three workouts it is nice and easy! There were many moves I recognized from yoga incorporated with squats, lunges and planks. My legs are very sore from this week and I am glad I own The Stick to workout the knots in my calves. As far as the workouts, the are challenging. Even though the last two were easier than the first two there were still a few things I could not complete. I just push through and do as much as I can though and know I am getting better every day. I realized that four days in a row is longer than I have followed a DVD program before so no reason to break my streak now! 


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