Once again a very challenging workout. The warm up was pretty long, about 15 minutes. I was not expecting that. So warm-up, stretch, workout, stretch. Total the workout is about 45 minutes. What I like about these videos is they show the people doing the workouts getting tired and they put up prompts saying to take a break if you need to. Most of the time when I start a video workout program I get frustrated that I cannot do as many reps or go for as long as they trainer. Insanity is a difficult workout. The point of me doing it is to get into better shape and hopefully by the end I will be able to make it through an entire workout. There are about 8 sets of exercises that this DVD goes through. After about 3 I was exhausted. I did take breaks where I needed to and modified where I felt it was best for me. I also skipped some of the last set. Two exercises I modified were power squats and push-ups. No way I could do the power squats so I just did regular squats. I have very little upper body strength so push-ups are very difficult for me. I did them on my knees then when that got hard I did them agents a wall. And today, I am so sore! Yes, I modified and skipped some, but I worked hard and I can feel it! That is what needs to be taken away from any program. If you give YOUR 100% you will improve. The people in the video were all going at different speeds and some were taking breaks as well. Maybe you can do more than me, maybe less, but if you do everything that you can, that is all that matters.   


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